Världens mest militariserade nation mot Hamas?

En modern militärmakt verkar inte klara av en omodern.
Kan du spela schack?
Har du hört talas om bondeoffer?
Det är ingen slump att frimureriet använder sig av svart-vitrutigt golv.
Dom tror dom är smarta när dom säljer sin själ.

8 8 8

Israel Ranked World’s Most Militarised Nation

How Israel Created Hamas

What Gall!! Hamas Rocketeers drive mobile rocket launchers to the Gaza fence, just two blocks from Israeli gun towers!!

How Israel and the Americans foster Islamic fundamentalism to stall peace with the Palestinians and other imperialistic objectives

Pillar of Biblical Cloud

Israel’s Operation Pillar Of Cloud

Uppenbarelseboken 2:9
Jag känner din bedrövelse och din fattigdom — dock, du är rik! — och jag vet vilken försmädelse du utstår av dem som säga sig vara judar, men icke äro detta, utan äro en Satans synagoga.


7 tankar på “Världens mest militariserade nation mot Hamas?

  1. The Money Masters-How International Bankers Gained Control of America… (video 3 tim 35 min).

    = det är det sedan 1800-talet rådande pyramidiska ekonomiska tänkandet och agerandet = girighet som ledstjärna – som fortvarigt gör att banksters styr = vanstyr världen ekonomiskt och ej minst politiskt.

    Frågan blir när Wi av vanligt folk = väsentligt flera än 90 % av medborgarna i världens alla länder – blir urless på det – och övergår till den revolutionerande definitionen att pengar är motprestation för arbete som accepteras av alla ❓

    Ingående i sak om vad jag menar med det HÄR.

  2. Gaza and the Politics of ‘Greater Israel’

    Israel War On Gaza – Live Updates
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    The Jews Want The Entire Holy Land & Gaza’s Gas
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    Obama Ignores Gaza, Flying Off To Visit Myanmar
    Look At Jewish ‘Harvest’ In Gaza – Photos
    Israhell PM Netanyahu Set To Expand Gaza Massacre
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    Israeli Bombing, Butchery Of Blockaded Gaza Rolls On
    Israelis Slaughter Family Of 10 As Deaths Soars
    Israel Destroys Russia Today Gaza News Station
    Israel US Amb Tweets For Hamas Talks, Deletes Post
    Palestinians Shoot Down Israeli Drone In North Gaza
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    Anti-Israel Rage Across Globe Over Gaza Slaughter
    Jews Own The Press Announces Rupert Murdoch
    Big Oil’s Israeli Enforcer


    Russia Sending Warships To Gaza
    Sterilize the Palestinian People, Dutch Writer Leon de Winter Says with Israeli Ambassador Listening
    Nuclear Meeting Cancelled Over Israel

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    Stench Of Israeli Crimes Engulfs Debate
    IDF Kills 1 Palestinian, Wounds 19 More – Vid
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    Russia Urges United Action Against Israel

    Gaza Postmortems
    Palestinians – Dying To Live Free
    Southern Israelis Unhappy Over Ceasefire
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    A Humanitarian Gesture
    Israel Has Journalists In Its Sights
    The International Banking Cartel, Part 2 – Vid
    Mofaz – Hamas Won Upper Hand, Ceasefire Mistake
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    Israel Set To Resume Attacks If Truce Fails – Barak
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    Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall
    Harmonious, Democratic, Peace-Loving Jews – Vid

    Lindorff – Journalist Killing By US And Israel
    US Drone Submarine Hunter To Patrol Oceans
    Do You Really Support Israel? – Vid
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    Did Israel Help Create Hamas? – Vid
    Gaza – Victimized By Israeli Terror Bombing
    Israeli Terror Attacks – Women, Children Targeted
    IAEA Report – Zero Evidence Of Iran Nukes
    Iran NEVER Threatened To Physically ‘Wipe Israel Off Map’
    Firing Stops, War Of Words Continues
    Israeli Nazis vs German Nazis
    Meet The IDF Facebook-Twitter Commando
    A Pro-Israel Group’s Plan To Rewrite Wikipedia History
    Kirwan – ‘Never Again’… REALLY?
    LIVE Updates – Hamas, Isreal Cease-Fire Now In Effect
    Cease-Fire Reached In 8 Day Israeli War On Gaza – Vid
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    Israel Trying To Increase ‘Iron Dome’ Defenses
    Atzmon – ‘US Will Pay Heavily For Its Involvement’ – Vid
    Taliban Attack CIA Office In Kabul, Two Killed
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    A Middle East Conflict Illustrated Crash Course
    Wilde – Gaza & The Talmud’s Death Wish
    Four Ways The Fake Media Creates A False Reality
    Tel Aviv Bus Bombing Hurts 22 (false flag possible) – Vid
    Massive Air Strikes On Gaza After Bus Bombing – Vid
    IDF Whines It Wants ‘Peace’ While Slaughtering Gaza – Vid
    Israel Bombs AFP Gaza Offices 2nd Time, More Death – Vid
    Hamas Executes 6 Suspected Israeli Informants
    Zionist US Blocks UN Statement For Gaza Ceasefire
    Britain Sustains Illegal Israeli Settlements With Trade
    Israeli Abuse Of Palestinian Sovereignty
    Israelis Claim 90% Iron Dome Anti-Missile Success
    Leaflets Send Palestinians Fleeing – Ground Invasion?
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    Israeli Official Wants ‘New Reality’ Not Timeout – Photos
    Hillary Clinton Pledges ‘Rock Solid’ US Support in Tel Aviv
    Watch What Israelis Really Think Of Us – Vid
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    We’re All Palestinians Now
    Gaza Massacre Rages On Despite Talk Of ‘Calm’
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    App Helps Jews Track Palestinian Rockets – Vid
    Suppressed News On The Prevention Of Genocide
    The Axis Of Resistance – Israel’s Demise? – Vid
    Murdoch Apologizes To ADL For Jew-Owned Press Tweet
    Israel Refuses To Respond To Truce Proposal
    Bloodlust In Israel – ‘Flatten Gaza, They Need To Die!’
    Sharon’s Son Gilad Calls On Israel To ‘Flatten All Of Gaza’
    Israel War On Gaza – Live Updates
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    Israeli Terror Attacks – Day 6
    Netanyahu Halts Ground Invasion For 24 Hours
    World Has Put Up With Zionist Racism Too Long
    Russia vs US In UN Deadlock Over Gaza
    How Britain Betrayed Palestinians To The Rothschilds
    US Sends 3 Warships To Evacuate Citizens From Gaza
    Israeli Aggression – Dress Rehearsal for Iran?
    Israel’s Iron Dome Knocks Most Gaza Rockets Down – Vid
    Obama Fully Support Israelis Murdering Neighbors – Vid
    McGrath – Fear-Propaganda-Suppression-Control – Vid


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